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Imagination Coaching For Career and Life.

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Welcome from Massimo

I am a Life Coach by vocation, an Intuitive Artist by passion, and a Project Director by trade.

My coaching mission is to place imagination at the center of self-realization.

I offer a unique blend of Life Coaching, Visual Arts and Project Management, to uncover your true self, and get you into immediate action.

I invite you explore my creative journeys for your Career and Life transformation. I'd love to get in touch and let's talk.


Why Imagination

Your mind is your canvas, your thoughts and feelings are the brushes and the colours.

Creativity gives a voice to the sides of your personality that are not heard, a line of communication between conscious and unconscious.

See what you can't see.

Career Rebirth

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" - Rumi

Career & Performance Coaching

Artisan & Warrior

Create your own original work and have a career on your own terms.

Imagination will inspire you to uncover fresh possibilities, and visualize the new path.

Then plan and execute your strategy with discipline and determination

Career Services

A Poetic Life

"When you see something beautiful, you see the world differently" - Massimo

Creative Coaching

Trust Your Hands and Eyes

Create to engage with the world.

Discover your Inner Artist and live a Poetic Life by keeping your mind and heart open and flexible.

Own your path, walk it with confidence.

My events

My Coaching Practice

Humanity, Creativity, Accountability

My Clients

Professionals, Individuals

  • Professionals for Career Change and Life-Life balance
  • Artists for Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Entrepreneurs for Innovation and Growth mindset
  • Individuals for confidence in living their own truth
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Coaching for everyone

Not For Profit

I facilitate Group Coaching for the Merton Libraries in support of my local community.

I also run Outdoor Coaching and Intuitive Drawing at museums in Central London.

Imagination Coaching accessible to everybody.


Coaching Philosophy

People Centered

I follow the co-active methodology, integrating mind, body and soul. A humanistic methodology founded on the core belief that there is nothing to be fixed in a human being.

The currency of transformation is in the experience, feeling it in your heart.

Co-active method

My Principles

Action & Learning

Learning without action is just knowledge, action without learning leads to burnout.

Aim for the stars, walk on earth.

Pro Credentials

Certification and Experience

I am a certified co-active coach, the oldest coaching academy in the world, with overall 500 hours of training, study, and supervisions.

I have 34 years of international business experience, in international organizations. I coached, mentored and trained hundreds of people across all levels and cultures.

Linkedin Testimonials

What People Say

"Massimo, your coaching style is unique, you are so gentle, kind yet challenging me to explore new ways of seeing the world. I see you as Massimo the Magician with a bags of creative tricks that unleashes our souls in a way unpredictable to ourselves" - RT, artist

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