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State of Resonance Coaching

Chemistry Call: Meet Your Coach

Chemistry Call: Meet Your Coach

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Let's have a video call to explore your career needs and how I can help with my services. It's key for you to experience my coaching to understand how we can work together.

Let's follow this approach to maximize the 30 minutes available for the call:

1. We will work together on the following career-related questions. My invitation for you is to invest time and reply by email beforehand to make the meeting as productive as possible. In this way, you can walk away with great value.
  • Where are you today in your career? Role & responsibilities, pros and cons of your current position
  •  What are you proud of? What professional achievements would you like to share?
  •  What do you think is your unfulfilled potential?
  •  What are your doubts about your capabilities?
  •  What are your future worries?
  •  What kind of mindset do you want to develop?
  •  What are our top 3 professional goals as far as you can see today?
2. What questions do you have for me? It would be helpful if you send them beforehand.
3. I will share my style of coaching, to ensure it is aligned with your needs
4. Post meeting, I will send you a free-of-charge personalized summary report with:
  • Meeting notes, based on your replies as a mirror of your own thinking
  • My coaching proposal including pricing options
  • My detailed coaching credentials, plus Terms and Conditions
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