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Unlock Your Imagination with Creativity in Life Coaching


Hello, I am Massimo, welcome 🙏. 

I am a Life Coach by vocation, an Intuitive Artist by passion, and a Facilitator by profession. 

My Life Coaching is a special relationship to see the beauty of every fragment of life giving us meaning and purpose. My mission is to place imagination at the heart of self-realization, bypassing the rational mind, to create a reflective moment that changes everything in your life.

Are you ready to embark on a creative journey to build a sustainable life and career?

What IF?

your breathing to slow, settle comfortably and let your mind wander where it will
What would happen if you actually succeeded?
Try with another answer
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
note what your answer is
Your answer will...
tell you what you really want to achieve
Try this exercise...
again until you see what you really want and what you might be capable of
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HOW Creativity CAN HELP?

Your Mind is your Canvas
your thoughts and feelings are the brushes and the colours.
Creativity gives a voice
to the sides of your personality that are not heard, a line of communication between conscious and unconscious.
Then your brain ...
will be more dynamic and able to connect ideas, the ultimate goal of creativity.
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My Approach


My creative coaching will make use of all your inner resources: mind , body and spirit. I use artistic techniques like drawing  for awareness through art, body awareness for emotional confidence or guided visualizations to tap into the wisdom of the unconscious. 


Coaching requires business-like focus with the discipline of planning your project activities, setting boundaries and communicate effectively. I use the latest on-line technology for the best client experience. Better outcomes in less time.


My travels and work across the continents transformed me profoundly. My passion for cross-cultural work helped me to develop a deeper sensitivity for listening, observing without judgment and curiosity for diversity.  


I am a certified co-active coach, with the oldest coaching academy in the world. The co-active methodology is founded on the core belief that there is nothing to be fixed in a human being and the currency of transformation is in the experience, feeling it in your heart.


I have aim again
Our hearts are arrows that demand aim
I have a career I love
After feeling paralyzed for the last nearly 3 pandemic years
I felt genuinely elated
and always looked forward to the next session.
I stepped out of my comfort zone
I can go forward in my career with a different frame of mind
I tapped into my unconscious resources
I found this experience to be really enlightening in terms of raising my self-awareness and helping to reveal my core values and drivers
I have confidence in my vision
an a rubric of tools to pursue my path.
I am inspired by Max's passion
It brings lot of positive attitude in me.
Max brings insight, wisdom and humanity
Max understands the reality and pressure of global organizations
Max has a no-nonsense approach
He can easily adapt to his clients to meet them where they are.
Professional, well executed and detailed
I was instantly impressed with Max's communications
Max kindly volunteers his time
helping people in his local community who need guidance back in their life
Warm, empathetic, and responsible
Max sees the potential in people
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