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Creative Life Coaching for professionals who want to transform their career or start their own business by embarking on a creative journey and re-imagine their future. 

My Mission

There is something inexplicably magical about human interaction

Hi, I am Max. My coaching mission is to build the imagination and confidence you need to pursue your professional passion and live your best life.

With my creative coaching, you will discover your natural artistic talents and deepen your abilities for fulfilling relationships.  You will build the confidence and resilience you need to pursue your professional passion and live your best life.

I work mainly in-person, in Greater London (UK) as there is something magical in meeting face to face. My Life Coaching style that combines: a holistic mind-body-spirit methodology, imaginative visual arts, cutting-edge technology, and the discipline of project management. 

My promise to you is of all-in committed partnership: I will be your greatest supporter and challenger in your transformational journey.



It’s stable, financially secure. Leaving your current role is a financial risk. However, it feels boring, frustrating, stagnating. What’s the cost of hiding your creativity?


You want to change but unsure on what your transformation will look like and how to release your potential. What’s your direction of travel?


You have confidence in your current job but you feel it disappears when you aim much higher. How can you change the  story you are telling yourself?

Why Creativity?

multi color spirals

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus

Creativity will give a voice to the sides of your personality that are not heard, a line of communication between conscious and unconscious.

Then  your brain will be more dynamic and active than ever and able to connect ideas, the ultimate goal of creativity. And it’s feels like fun!


Creativity Coaching is about addressing human nature in the face of change

Creative coaching is an extension of Life Coaching that focuses on your creating work and helps you developing your creative talents, skills, and interests.

Creativity is all about thinking in different ways with techniques such as co-created visualizations, storytelling, drawing, body language, humour, metaphors, outdoor coaching, and many more. 

It’s all about the process of creativity and the process of building a creative business.

Is Creative LIFE COaching right for me?

My Creative Coaching is for you if looking for:

  • A Major Career Change 
  • Unlocking Creativity in your line of work
  • Transform your Lifestyle into a fully Creative way of living
  • Find your Work Life balance on your own terms


I am a Life Coach by vocation, an artist by passion, and a people manager by profession.

My coaching reflects my adventurous life journey: my artistic cultural heritage, the variety of industries and business environments, the international cross-cultural experiences, and the rigorous training in the science of Transformational Coaching.

I invite you to discover my personal and professional ethos through my story.



My creative coaching will make use of all your inner resources: mind , body and spirit. I use artistic techniques like drawing  for awareness through art, body awareness for emotional confidence or guided visualizations to tap into the wisdom of the unconscious. 


Coaching requires business-like focus with the discipline of planning your project activities, setting boundaries and communicate effectively. I use the latest on-line technology for the best client experience. Better outcomes in less time.


My travels and work across the continents transformed me profoundly. My passion for cross-cultural work helped me to develop a deeper sensitivity for listening, observing without judgment and curiosity for diversity.  


I am a certified co-active coach, with the oldest coaching academy in the world. The co-active methodology is founded on the core belief that there is nothing to be fixed in a human being and the currency of transformation is in the experience, feeling it in your heart.


My approach to services is all-in committed partnership with my clients.

A piecemeal approach hardly works when you want big changes in life. This is why I offer monthly subscriptions with Unlimited access to my coaching services. That is, your coach is always present for you.

It feels like a mission critical project, with committed stretched actions and making continuous progress in your learnings and your objectives.  It’s the strongest possible partnership designed to propel your journey.  

All-in. No looking back. 


Monthly subscriptions to accelerate your journey

Drop-IN Sessions

Individuals session for an urgent goal


4 Sessions Courses on Resilience or Career Performance


4 Sessions Courses on Resilience or Career Performance


“I was instantly impressed with Max’s communications. Everything from email structure, the meeting portal, the session itself, and the follow-up was incredibly professional, well executed and detailed.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dr Glynn Ryland D Litt Hon , CEO & Co-Founder at ShaktiMat GmbH

“Through astute observations, deep, penetrating questions, and weekly exercises and activities, Max has enabled me to move forward in my goal of starting my own business”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gareth H. Jones, Neurolanguage Coach

“After feeling paralyzed for the last nearly 3 pandemic years, I have a career I love, with colleagues I love to collaborate with. Our hearts are arrows that demand aim and I have aim again”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Molly T, Grant Program Coordinator

“It certainly takes an individual who is prepared to come out of their comfort zone to pave the way for inclusive, creative, mindful (re)alignment.I cannot recommend Max enough for his gentle yet committed approach, agility and work ethos. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Vina Theodorakopoulou (Dr),  GAIN (Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment & Neurodiversity logo Board Member




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