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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" - Rumi

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Artisan & Warrior

Create your own original work and have a career on your own terms.

Imagination will inspire you to uncover fresh possibilities, and visualize the new path.

Then plan and execute your strategy with discipline and determination

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Humanity, Creativity, Accountability

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Professionals, Creatives

  • Professionals for Career Change and Life-Life balance
  • Entrepreneurs for Innovation and Growth mindset
  • Creatives for Strategic Planning and Execution
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Coaching Approach

People centered

I follow the co-active methodology, integrating mind, body and soul. A humanistic methodology founded on the core belief that there is nothing to be fixed in a human being.

The currency of transformation is in the experience, feeling it in your heart.

Co-active method


Experience, Certifications

I am a certified co-active coach, the oldest coaching academy in the world, with overall 500 hours of training, study, and supervisions.

I have 34 years of international business experience, in international organizations. I coached, mentored and trained hundreds of people across all levels and cultures.

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What People Say

I was instantly impressed with Massimo's communications. Everything from email structure, the meeting portal, the session itself, and the follow-up was incredibly professional, well executed and detailed. It became clear very quickly that I was working with someone who had a huge amount of coaching experience under his belt and had refined all of the very best working practices into his model.

-Glynn Ryland, CEO ShaktiMat GmbH