Life Coaching

Find Your Inner Artist

"When you see something beautiful, you see the world differently"

Imagination Coaching

Your mind is your canvas, your thoughts and feelings are the brushes and the colours.

Creativity gives a voice to the sides of your personality that are not heard, a line of communication between conscious and unconscious.

It's Imagination at the center of reality, so you can see what you can't see.

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Imagination Coaching

Trust Your Hands and Eyes

Create to engage with the world.

Discover your Inner Artist and live a Creative Life by keeping your mind and heart open and flexible.

Own your path, walk it with confidence.

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What People Say

"Massimo, your coaching style is unique, you are so gentle, kind yet challenge the group at times to explore new ways of seeing the world. I see you as Massimo the Magician with a bags of tricks that unleashes our souls in a way unpredictable to ourselves."