I coach experienced professionals with the sense of urgency to embark on a new Life Project, with an all-in committed partnership

Your Dreams

WHat DO YOU really want?

You worked for 15 years+ in the Finance, IT or Creative industries and you are based in London, UK. You feel it’s time to create space for your new personal project.

You want to add value, using creatively all your life and work experiences. On your own terms.

I invite you to use your imagination in the following exercise to design your future.


What's holding you back?

Do you feel you are missing out? Unsure on your next steps?

Try something different: use a strengths-focused approach.  That means finding what you are doing ‘right’ in a given situation and how these positive attributes can be utilized to solve the problem. Download the following exercise: 


What's Coaching?

Coaching is making difficult things simple, bringing the big questions into your every day life. Coaching will ask you to embrace the unknown, the unplanned and the unforeseen. 

It requires hard work, are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in?

Why ME?

My approach is all-in, right now.

In my 34 years of international career across Europe and Asia, I never settled for too long in my comfort zones. I learned that a piecemeal approach hardly works when you want big changes in life.

This is why I offer an unlimited access to my coaching services.  A stronger partnership designed to accelerate your journey.  

All in, right now.


My creative coaching will make use of all your inner resources: mind , body and spirit. I use artistic techniques like drawing  for awareness through art, body awareness for emotional confidence or guided visualizations to tap into the wisdom of the unconscious. 

Business FOCUS

Coaching requires business-like focus with the discipline of planning your project activities, setting boundaries and communicate effectively. I use the latest on-line technology for the best client experience. Better outcomes in less time.


My travels and work across the continents transformed me profoundly. My passion for cross-cultural work helped me to develop a deeper sensitivity for listening, observing without judgment and curiosity for diversity.  


I am a certified co-active coach, with the oldest coaching academy in the world based in California. The co-active methodology is the gold standard of coaching, founded on the core belief that there is nothing to be fixed in a human being and transformation can happen only in the day to day experience.

My services

1-1 Personal

1-1 Personal

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