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Creative Life Coaching to inspire your imagination

In a world disrupted by technology where nothing stands still, I believe that our challenge is to create our own authentic work and do what we love. When we are creating, we generate energy, we connect, expand and evolve. It’s an empowering act.

Give yourself permission to be creative.

My Mission

I am on a mission to coach experienced creative souls like artists,  entrepreneurs, leaders with the urgency to re-imagine their work and lifestyle by developing their creativity and deepening their abilities to connect with self and others at a deeper level.

I work in-person, in Greater London (UK) through my Creative Life Coaching style that combines: a holistic mind-body-spirit methodology, imaginative visual arts, and the discipline of project management. 

My promise to you is of all-in committed partnership, I will be your greatest supporter and challenger.

Hi, I am Max Comuzzi, Life Coach by vocation and artist by passion.

My coaching reflects my adventurous life journey: my artistic cultural heritage, the variety of industries and business environments, the international cross-cultural experiences, and the rigorous training in the science of Transformational Coaching.

I invite you to discover my ethos through my story.



My creative coaching will make use of all your inner resources: mind , body and spirit. I use artistic techniques like drawing  for awareness through art, body awareness for emotional confidence or guided visualizations to tap into the wisdom of the unconscious. 


Coaching requires business-like focus with the discipline of planning your project activities, setting boundaries and communicate effectively. I use the latest on-line technology for the best client experience. Better outcomes in less time.


My travels and work across the continents transformed me profoundly. My passion for cross-cultural work helped me to develop a deeper sensitivity for listening, observing without judgment and curiosity for diversity.  


I am a certified co-active coach, with the oldest coaching academy in the world. The co-active methodology is founded on the core belief that there is nothing to be fixed in a human being and transformation can happen only in the day to day experience.


Too many of us have bought into the idea of the cult of focus, as the capability above all capabilities, the core competency to strive for.

Excessive focus actually works against you and drain your energies. When you unfocus instead and unleash your creativity, the brain is more dynamic and active than ever and able to connect ideas, the ultimate goal of creativity.


Creative coaching is an extension of Life Coaching that helps you to develop your creative talents, skills, and interests.

Creativity is all about thinking in different ways with techniques such as visualizations, storytelling, drawing, reading your own body signs, humour, metaphors, and many more. 

And then problems will be solved, like launching your own business, or reshape your current role and lifestyle.

Is creative coaching right for me?

My Creative Coaching is for you if looking to:

  • develop a creative element in your job
  • turn your creative hobby into a business
  • change your lifestyle into a creative way of life


My approach to services is all-in committed partnership with my clients.

A piecemeal approach hardly works when you want big changes in life. This is why I offer monthly subscriptions with unlimited access to my coaching services.

It feels like a mission critical project, with committed stretched actions and making continuous progress in your learnings and your objectives.  It’s the strongest possible partnership designed to propel your journey.  

All-in. No looking back.


Monthly subscriptions to accelerate your journey

Single Sessions

Individuals session for urgent goals


4 Sessions Courses on Resilience or Career Performance


4 Sessions Courses on Resilience or Career Performance



Meet your Coach

Meet your coach in a Free call to know each other and understand the process and options.


Dream Session

Book a Discovery Session to take stock of your life and goals with a fully customised session report to evaluate the proposal. 


Commit to
your Journey

Choose the preferred package and  commit to your transformational journey.

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