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Professional Identity and Career Vision - Inspired by Central London Art Spaces

Professional Identity and Career Vision - Inspired by Central London Art Spaces

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A 3 hours meeting, in one of the most inspiring cultural places in Central London (British Museum, Tate or The Royal Academy of Arts). We will explore the make up of your professional identity and your vision for the future. We will break down and list your soft and hard skills, your strengths and ability for emotional regulation. 

Note there will be a questionnaire to be completed before the call, and I will provide you with a summary report afterwards.

Case Study

I recently met with a client at the Royal Academy to prepare for the final stage of his interview process, as the last step of a long journey for a major career change. We took all the time and space needed, spending more than 3 hours together. First we opened up our minds by visiting the Summer Exhibitions, and then we sat in the quiet atmosphere of the members' rooms to go through the interview scenarios. Her post-session feedback was in his own words:


  • Opened up mental space
  • You came from a wider perspective
  • Breathing space, before gaining height
  • A fluid dance among coaching, mentoring and teaching
  • Freeing and Balancing


The client called me after the interview, we were both so emotional. He landed the job. We are all grateful for the convenience of technology but the spiritual elevation provided by an artistic container is unbeatable. I am a member of The British Museum, The Tate and the Royal Academy. Feel free to get in touch if you wish to experience coaching in an artistic settings with a quiet place to explore new perspectives and see what you cannot see yet.

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