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Clinical Sex Coach

Start the Journey to Your Sexual Truth

I am glad you found me. I am grateful you are reading this because it shows a desire to own
your agency, an unapologetic need to take charge of your sexual wellbeing, a call for action to explore destinations within your reach.

I am here to walk alongside you, to help find your own sexual truth, keep you safe on the way and celebrate your wins

About Me

I am Erica, training to qualify as a Clinical Sexologist by 2025 and my call started as a niggling feeling of discomfort that over the years grew into defiance.

So many messages... 'be yourself', 'be real', 'be sexy', 'be a slut', 'be macho', 'be sensitive', 'be gentle', ' be strong', 'be a real man', 'don’t be such a man', so many contradictions, so much confusion when judged for being yourself after being criticized for not being authentic, so many different voices declaring, shouting, whispering they know what is right for you and yet nobody but you does, even when you hide it from yourself.

I wanted to own my truth, stop being told to be 'me' but a different version of 'me' one more like everybody else. As I could not trust others to have my best interest at heart I took matters in my own hand and started a journey that is taking me through unusual and unexpected roads to study the fascinating, and surprisingly young, subject of Sexology.


And about .... You

Can you tell if this is True or False?

- The World Association for Sexual Health
declared "sexual pleasure is a fundamental part of sexual rights, sexual health, and sexual well-being" in 2019  

- The medical community and women still mistake the vagina for the vulva

 - Viagra's consumption is increasing in younger males 

 - The concept of gender only exists in relation to humans

 - Same sex relationships are common in the animal world

All of it is True