⭐ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS fuel passion and make people feel valuable⭐ Acknowledgement is a rare commodity in our professional lives and addresses who the person is and the inner character “Today you showed your commitment and love for learning”. Praise and compliments, in contrast, simply highlight what people do “good job with that reports”. It’s a gift for […]

Empathy & Leadership

Empathy keyboard key instead of Enter

⭐Empathy and Authority are inseparable partners⭐

Covid-19 is case in point.

Leadership is a communal act. We allow our leaders to lead us. As a result, the leader reacts to whatever we say.

Leaders stand with their people by feeling the pain and understand what people have to do. The ask can be huge right now, take job or pay cuts. But people will show amazing strenght, if the leaders now to share the pain and go the extra length for a better future .

Can Empathy look soft ? A weakness? Instead of showing decisiveness when a solution is needed ? There is nothing stopping a leader being decisive but also having feelings about things. And as soon as a leader use just power, they stop being a leader. Authority alone is overrated.

We all leaders in our jobs. How can we use Empathy more ?