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"A 1-1 course with Max on the concept of "professional branding" helped me redefine my own brand clearly, in order to optimize my offer and efficiency at work, and be the best version of myself in all circumstances.
Giordana C - Exec Assistant

My courses will take you on 4-session journey directly with me on a 1-1 basis and with offline exercises in between. The Pathway is designed to take your awareness and performance to the next level.


A Resonant Life is built on creativity and imagination. Experience the advanced coaching techniques by working with your unconscious mind and leveraging on the whole wisdom of your Mind, Body and Spirit.

You will find options where before there were none and you will set firmly on your personal journey, feeling:

  • Confident in Yourself
  • A Strong Leader
  • In Control, Fully Focused
  • In Action



  • Get clarity on who you are and what you want in life.
  • I will use the following advanced coaching techniques as appropriate:
    • Visualisation
    • Embodiment
    • Drawing on your emotions
    • Random perspectives
    • Address the Whole Person, Body, Mind Spirit
    • Intuition, Dance in the Moment
    • Acknowledgement & Championing
    • Metaview  & Metaphors
    • Evoking Transformation
    • Life Purpose
    • Building Resonance
    • Saboteur Awareness


The Professional Branding course helps you to grow and refine your own brand by choosing tools and tactics that allow you to present yourself to current and future employers in an authentic and effective way. 

We assess together your own values and strengths, identify the key skills employers look for. Learn how to present and evidence those skills appropriately to raise your profile.


  • Explore the concept of Personal Branding and how it can help you in your career
  • Define your own, authentic Personal Brand and who you want to market it to and why
  • Build an appropriate plan of action to develop and promote your Personal Brand
  • Promote yourself effectively to make a difference at work and beyond



Access your coach antyime
£ 1200 / Monthly
  • x4 90' video sessions
  • Off-line exercise
  • Chat, voice, email support


Weekly Planning
£ from 1800 / Monthly
  • x4 2-hour sessions
  • Off-line exercise
  • Chat, voice, email support