MasterMind Group - The Super Coach

The Super Coach, that’s how my clients named the collective power of the Mastermind Group. People from all walk of life share their life journey and collaborate in a safe and creative space. It’s also cost-effective.

A Mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. The Group will choose the theme, for example, Interviewing or Career Change, and the Coach will facilitate the group by providing directions, supporting the discussion and empowering the group to support and challenge each other.


  • Each participant will share his/her objectives for the course with the group. The Coach will help with clarification and action tracking throughout the course
  • The Coach will teach a coaching skill (e.g. visualisation, listening, embodiment) in each session for everybody to adopt and use with other participants
  • The Coach will provide practical tests to be run in small groups or pairs
  • Participants will share learnings and commit to actions until next session
  • Subsequent session will start with participants sharing progress since the last session



4 Sessions of 60 minutes each. 


No previous mastermind group experience required, the coach will explain the ground rules and train participants as needed.

What to expect:

  • High pace, the course agenda is ambitious
  • Sessions are based on the coaching technique used in 1-1 meetings
  • Empowering with Self Awarness rather than heavy teaching
  • Creative, reflective and engaging style
  • There is no right or wrong, everybody is right
  • Assignments will be given in between sessions, expect to dedicate a few hours a week 
  • All homework is tracked using Google classroom
  • Certificate of attendance and homework completion is provided 
  • Fun! Yes, learning with a good laugh and sense of humour makes it enjoyable and more imaginative
Finally … it’s all about you, being real and fully committed to reach your goals.