Coaching Leadership

Empower your teams by fostering trust, collaboration and unleash business innovation. The Be Your Team’s Coach course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to develop a Coaching Leadership style with specialised coaching skills.

Why Coaching Leadership?

The traditional “command and control” style of management is no longer effective in today’s environment, which requires rapid response, creativity, resilience, and individual performance in order to remain competitive. Failing to address the above point leads to the following common problem areas:  

  • Lack of engagement: low productivity, communication breakdown, working in silos 
  • Poor collaboration: obstacle for knowledge sharing, higher operational costs
  • Resource turnover:  leadership unable to lead with clarity 


What are the benefits of a Coaching style leadership?

Transformation happens when people find internal solutions by developing a new perspective and mind set. The result is a far-reaching change that goes beyond just the immediate problem to increase the capacity and skills of the individuals/groups with the following benefits for the team and the organisation:

  • Tight Collaboration across cultures and regions
  • Positive thinking and moving forward culture
  • Values alignment between employees and leadership
  • Employees fulfilment in performing their role, resulting in higher retention
  • Higher productivity by removing inefficiencies in communication

Which Coaching skills?

The following core coaching techniques will be included in the course:  

  • Acknowledgment / Championing – Appreciate the individual’s qualities and celebrate successes
  • Bottom-Lining – Convey the essence of the story
  • Challenging – Encourage team members to go beyond limiting self-beliefs and validate big assumptions
  • Holding the Focus – Keep a laser focus attention on the agreed objectives
  • Meta View – As a manager, see the bigger picture, the balcony view versus the dancing floor
  • Powerful Questions– Invite team members to a new level of clarity and call for action. Connect with individuals at a deeper level
  • Reframing – Help individuals find different perspectives
  • Forward Action – Create a team’s forward-moving mindset with Learning & Accountability as inseparable partners


Course Objectives:

  • Map and assess your own values and professional strengths 
  • Understand each coaching skill and how it can be implemented in your own professional environment
  • Build an appropriate plan of action to develop you new coaching skills



4 Sessions of 60 minutes each. 


The level of knowledge will be tailored to your professional experience and personal targets. Available to both Individuals and Groups up to 8 people

What to expect:

  • High pace, the course agenda is ambitious
  • Empowering with Self Awarness rather than heavy teaching
  • Creative, reflective and engaging style
  • There is no right or wrong, your style matters
  • Assignments will be given in between sessions, expect to dedicate a few hours a week 
  • All homework is tracked using Google classroom
  • Certificate of attendance and homework completion is provided 
  • Fun! Yes, learning with a good laugh and sense of humour makes it enjoyable and more imaginative
Finally … it’s all about you, being real and fully committed to reach your goals.