Business Soft-Skills

Grow your professional value and offering. The Business Skillset course is all about the business soft-skills you want to develop. 

We will go through an initial discovery sessions to assess your own values and strengths, clarify your goals and build your personal roadmap. 


  • Map and assess your own values and strengths 
  • Build your own skillset roadmap with goals and priorites
  • Build an appropriate plan of action to develop your skills
  • Grow your confidence to get into immediate actions and sustain your long term objectives



4 Sessions of 60 minutes each. 


The level of knowledge is tailored to accommodate your professional experience and personal targets. The course is available to Individuals and Groups up to 8 people.

What to expect:

  • High pace, the course agenda is ambitious in contents
  • Expect a creative, reflective and engaging coaching style
  • The facilitator uses both coaching and mentoring techniques to benefit from the industry and professional knowledge of the coach
  • Session are highly interactive and will require preparation work by the client before the first session
  • Homework and actions are assigned in between sessions, expect to dedicate a few hours a week 
  • All homework is tracked using Google classroom
  • Certificate of attendance and homework completion is provided 
  • Fun! Yes, learning with a good laugh and sense of humour makes it enjoyable and more imaginative 
Download the list of Personal and Professional Soft-skills to help your self-discovery