Coaching Sessions


1-1 sessions via remote connection or in person (Greater London, UK). The contents of each session are fully customised to your needs, focusing on your objectives and aspirations.


“The Super Coach”, that’s how my clients named the collective power of the Mastermind Group (max 8 people). People from all walks of life share their life journey and collaborate in a safe and creative space. It’s also cost-effective.

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Single Sessions

Ad-hoc sessions to prepare you for specific events or situations such as boosting confidence, preparation for a business event or a job interview.

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Courses designed on specific themes like discovering yourself and your purpose, defining your career identity, tapping into your spirituality. 

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Monthly Subscriptions

A variety of monthly packages are available to give you flexibility on the pace and lenght of your coaching.

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Courses (4 sessions)

Life Coaching

Set Sail

Get back on your journey. The Set Sail course will give you clarity on what you want to Be and shape the vision for the next chapter in Your Life. You will get into immediate action towards your objectives.

Mind Body Spirit

A Resonant Life is built on creativity and imagination. Experience advanced coaching techniques by working with your unconscious mind and leveraging the whole wisdom of your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Career Coaching

Professional Branding

Grow and refine your own brand. In the Professional Branding course you will learn tools and tactics to present yourself to current and future employers in an authentic and effective way.

Professional Soft Skills

Grow your professional value and offering. The Business Skillset course is all about the business soft-skills you need to develop.

Coaching Leadership

Empower your teams by fostering trust and collaboration. Learn the specialised skills required by the Coaching Leadership style.

Common Questions

We start with a Discovery session to set objectives and we then design the best approach for you.

From a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours.

We are fully insured covering professional idemnity.

It’s your choice, from once a week to once a month.

It’s all strictly confidential as we are bound to the ICF Code of Ethics.

Check my pricing page with a number of options to choose from.

We offer a free call, also known as the Chemistry session, to check if we are a good fit for each other. 

It’s your choice, from a single session, to courses or monthly subscriptions.

I am based in London, UK for face to face meetings, or via video conference anywhere in the world. 

Take the free assessment and book a free call at the end.