About Us


I worked for over 30 years across a number of industries such as Banking, Logistics and Distribution, HR Payroll, Manufacturing and IT Engineering both in consultancy and permanent roles. 

I am at my best when challenged to deliver my projects on time, with quality and on budget.

I always looked for opportunities to learn and grow instead of accelerating to higher ranks. Senior roles came to me as recognition of the quality of my work.


My passion and 20 years of experience in team management led me to coaching and mentoring. I get inspired from the 2-way relationship, everybody has something good to give and share, no matter the level of experience.

I coach individuals to help them find purpose and fulfillment in their career progression. I practice in organisations by facilitating team coaching to build a forward-moving and inclusive culture. 

I coach in a non-profit social enterprise to boost confidence in graduates from diverse backgrounds when entering the workforce.

My dream is to make coaching accessible to everyone.


Professional Pride

I am proud of my over 30 years of professional experience, with  strong credibility built on keeping my promises and my personal ethos.

I am proud, as a manager, to have hired people on their potential, as it happened to me at the beginning of my career. People step up when you give them a true chance.

I am proud to be a certified CPCC™️ Coach by Co-Active,  the industry most rigorous training academy. It took me 500 hours of classroom lessons, practices , supervision and study to train as a coach. I am a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) strictly following its principles of ethical conduct.

I invite you to read my LinkedIn testimonials  from colleagues and  my coaching clients.