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Coaching is made of a range of sophisticated skills and it’s developed by coaches first through unlearning and then by re-building all the habits on how we communicate and advice.

Coaching is not a weekend certification job and it requires time to go through each competency and practice in the day to day life. We design training modules designed to learn the coaching skills most needed for a higher performance and prepare your employees for the next professional challenge.


Training is provided on a 1-1 basis, Classes or by on-line course.


  • Managers and Leaders from all levels in the organisation will benefit from learning the coaching skills such as Listening, Challenging, Ackwoledgment or asking Powerful Questions.
  • It’s all about empowering your teams by fostering trust, collaboration to unleash the collective power for innovation
  • Classes are highly interactive and facilitated by using coaching skills to provide a deep experience triggering lasting changes for the individuals.
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  • We collaborate with companies to create a unique range of high-quality on-line training courses to help individuals and employees to to increase their fulfilment in life and at work while building more positive and productive habits.
  • All courses incorporate necessary theory with practical advice and hands-on exercise, to help people successfully build the principles of wellbeing into everyday life.
  • The most popular topics are Living with Purpose, Work-Life Balance, Self Management and Resilience, Personal Branding, Career Performance
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