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Teams & Groups


  • Learning from the team is more effective because each individual’s behaviour matters to others and feedback can be provided by the group
  • The Group Coaching experience helps to measure of whether changes are happening
  • It’s cost effective, highly scalable and increasingly a preferred way by employees to experience coaching
  • The Coach brings specialised facilitation skills to empower, challenge and inspire the groups to openly recognise problem areas, find a range of options and agree on the collective action plan
  • There are 2 models available: Teams and Groups


Employees from a single operational unit

  • Homogenous teams  to leverage on common objectives and close collaboration
  • Leadership is invited to commit to attend sessions and support the group’s promises on actions
  • All Actions and Learnings to be embedded in the day to day workplace of the team
  • Company Values and Objectives provide an on-going  reference to the team actions and outcomes
  • Ideal for Team Forming, Brainstorming on project activities, Workshops


Employees from different departments

  • Employees from different teams or department coming together for improving working culture and collaboration
  • Each session is focused on a single topic
  • Group to co-create their own guidelines for best practices in the workplace
  • Group to commit on collective and personal actions 

Session Topics

Session Structure

  • The Coach will partner with the participants in a creative process to inspire them to take the initiative and draw on their own resources to maximise their potential by using specialiese coaching tecniques.
  • The Coach will create a safe environment to facilitate real and courage conversations to find the optimal level of  challenge: to feel the limits of your current way of knowing,  and find sufficient support so that we are neither overwhelmed by the conflict nor able to escape it.
  • The course is designed to be highly interactive and hands-on to allow the group to experience and practise feedback in a safe training environment.
  • Session are between 2 hours to a full day, depending on the number of participants and range of topics.
Colleagues collaborating in office