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Why Hasn’t My Organisational Culture Stuck?

This is the lament of many leaders in organisations. Creating an organisational culture is not a project, or a quick fix, or something that can be done to people. Changing culture is hard work and needs an ongoing commitment to work with senior leaders, managers, teams, the HR department and even suppliers. How can a Coaching Culture deliver versus a culture of learning?

What’s the  issue?

Creating a culture requires several important factors to ensure it is sustainable:

  • A vision for the coaching culture, linked to the organizational vision
  • Buy-in from senior stakeholders so they will reinforce the culture with their actions
  • A detailed plan based on the employee lifecycle
  • A strategic HR plan to bring together and align all initiatives that will impact culture
  • A good system to measure success and momentum
  • More than a little budget to help you along the way 


Reduced training budgets, scattered contents over online platforms and the variable results from mobile learning means that nowadays, coaching is even more vital to developing people. It is also clearly linked to companies’ desire to empower their staff to gain greater productivity, as coaching is recognized as the key to empowerment.

A Coaching Culture is one of the most effective ways of spreading learning and embed an organisational vision throughout an organization.

Where should the focus be?

The Vision is critical; you need to be sure of what success looks like and why you are embarking on this journey. Can you see how a coaching culture will impact your organization and support its vision? There are many reasons this culture could benefit a company, including sharing experiences and lessons learned, reducing the training budget, and increasing quality.

How do you know it’s working?

Gaining Management Buy-In is key. To embed a coaching culture, the whole company needs to see a congruent and consistent message from the top down, with the commitment of the senior leadership.

A detailed plan acroos the whole operational model to  will ensure that it feels cohesive and touches all the movime parts of the organisation.

HR and L&D departments now realize the need to put significant effort into culture change and are coming to terms with the fact that it takes years to change a culture. But even once you have made the change, you need to focus on maintenance. Like a beautiful garden, the hard work is not just in clearing out dead wood, turning over beds and planting new shrubs; the real effort is in continuing the weeding, watering, clearing and trimming to maintain the garden. The same happens when you create a new culture, especially a coaching culture: If everyone is not making a constant effort to maintain it, it can soon dissipate.

If everyone is not making a constant effort to maintain the culture, it can soon dissipate.

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