My Mission

Make the world a deeply human place

Max Comuzzi

Director of Coaching

I am an Experiential Life Coach, with 34 years of leadership roles in global organisations as People Manager and Team Coach working and living in more than 20 countries across Europe and Asia.
My coaching focus is on individuals to rediscover faith in themselves and Be their own opportunities, building deep team collaboration across cultures and supporting Diversity & Inclusion in non-profit organisations to boost confidence in young people.

My professional background and international life taught me to embrace an existential living, open to all experiences and all emotions avoiding prejudging, to trust my feelings and gut-reactions with creativity and risk-taking.

Communication is my long-standing characteristic. When I can really hear you and see your best inner qualities, it puts me in touch with you; it enriches my life. It is through listening to people that I have learned all that I know about individuals, about personality, about interpersonal relationships.

My coaching is person-centered, based on the unconditional belief that people are creative and resourceful, and they know deep down where they want to go. I offer no advice but a constant engagement of all your senses with visual thinking and unconscious creativity to ignite your desire for change and believe in your own possibilities. I will make you comfortable in your own skin, feeling real, spontaneous and alive using the power of intuition.

I am a fully certified CPCC (Co-active Professional Coach), the industry’s most rigorous and experiential training academy in the world, and a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) strictly following its principles of ethical conduct to deliver the highest possible standards to my clients.

I am originally from Venice, Italy, and in my free time you will find me in the garden next to my wood fire oven, cooking Mediterranean and Oriental fusion recipes for my family and friends.


Certifications and Affiliations

I am a certified CPCC™️ professional coach by Co-Active,  the industry most rigorous training academy (500 hours of training) and a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) strictly following its principles of ethical conduct to deliver the highest possible standards to his clients.

Professional Experience

You will find my full CV on Linkedin including the testimonials from colleagues and clients I worked with over the years.

What people say

I invite you to read  what my customers have to say about the impact of my professional services

Through astute observations, deep, penetrating questions which made me think, and weekly exercises and activities, Max has enabled me to move forward in my goal of starting my own business. With Max’s help, praise and challenging I was able to:
Break down a huge topic into manageable bits
Reduce overwhelm Gain confidence and belief in myself Recognise positive traits and characteristics I have Overcome challenges Gain clarity as to where my passion and interests lie. Thank you Max for your calmness, patience and invaluable coaching.
Gareth J
Language Professor
Max is always ready and kind to help. With his business experience and coaching skills, I reccomend Max if you want to understand your personal strenghts and get clarity on how to take your first step in your career
Christine P
Operation Manager
Max is definetly an all round top notch coach. I would recommend him to anyone who is ambitious and looking for professional growth, branding, pursuing their wildest dreams. I was particularly impressed by his unique ability to connect with people, integrity, invaluable support. He helped me in the most empowering and innovative manner with constant self-improvement so I can be professionally fulfilled
Paola F
Neurolanguage Coach
I met Max through some group coaching sessions that he voluntarily ran in my local library and I also had some 1-2-1 sessions with him. Max is a really inspiring coach. He’s a wonderful listener and showed great empathy to me in each of our coaching sessions. Through working with Max I was able to tap into my unconscious resources and I found this experience to be really enlightening in terms of raising my self-awareness and helping to reveal my core values and drivers. Max brought a creative approach to each of our sessions and I felt a real sense of empowerment from each one. Max is really passionate about what he does and I would highly recommend him in a coaching or mentoring capacity.
Damian C
Senior Finance Lead
I came across Max two months ago, and I couldn't recommend his services highly enough. As well as his coaching and personal development work, Max has also become an excellent confidant. He listens to all of your problems and ideas, and helps put perspective in your life. Excellent at making you think outside of the box, Max has instilled a new confidence and belief back into my life. Max kindly volunteers his time in his local area, helping people who need guidance back in their life. Very professional and diligent, I would definitely recommend Max for any corporate or personal life coaching services.
Gavin C
Business Development Manager
I had the good fortune of being coached by Max a few months ago. During our first session, I realised that Max was highly intelligent emotionally, as well as intellectually. Through continuous work, he gave me the focus and tools to help me create clear and achievable goals, and pathways to them. Max seemed to instinctively know which area of my life needed immediate attention, adapting to my admittedly erractic needs on the spot. He has great empathy and brings a warm and personal touch to his coaching. I am confident that anybody that Max coaches will be in very good hands. I could not recommend him highly enough. Thanks for your support Max!
Marta Q
HR Coordinator