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My coaching reflects my adventurous life journey: my artistic cultural heritage, the variety of industries and business environments, the international cross-cultural experiences, and the rigorous training in the science of Transformational Coaching.


My full name is Massimo and I was born and bred in the Venice area, North-East of Italy, where, as they say locally, people from the south live in the north.

Venice is a collision of warm Mediterranean culture and a Northern European pragmatic approach to life. It’s the richness of that heritage, brought by the Venetian trade routes and the cultural order of the Austro-Hungarian empire, that naturally ignited my creativity and curiosity for the world.

Later I relocated across London and Singapore, large international ports and multi cultural melting pots. This where I thrive and I am at my best, navigating in the sea of opportunities and ready for a constant change of weather. I love visual arts, particularly photography and drawing. And of course cooking, barbecuing is my culinary art.


1987: after my Humanities classic studies, I embarked on a pioneering career in IT.

At the time, IT was a science to be learned on the job.  Coding on IBM mainframe was an adventure and within 5 years I was a senior IBM software engineer building accounting ledgers across the construction, logistic and manufacturing industries in the industrial North of Italy.

1998: the magnet of the Y2K projects took me to London, UK, and into the Finance industry. The multi cultural environment, the exposure to world-class professionals and the availability of the latest training paths, offered me a personal growth beyond my wildest dreams.

2010: I relocated to Singapore. I was in charge for large scale projects leading IT teams across a number of Asian regions. As a People Manager, my job was to pull cultures differences together, channeling the collective power of diversity to meet the challenging project deadlines.

What a ride mastering the craft of software engineering, the knowledge of Banking products, the discipline of project management and the art of leadership.

CAreer Change

2016: Back in London. The experience of empowering people shifted my career to Life Coaching, my passion and my vocation today.

I turned to professional coaching following an intense 2-year training. A life changing experience where you see yourself in the mirror. It taught me to be deeply intentional in my own life, by walking the coaching talk.

Today I do what I love: I coach experienced professionals for major career-life changes with the power of creativity, entrepreneurs to develop a growth mindset and also students from diverse background for transitioning to work with confidence

Coaching for not-for-profit takes a large part of my coaching activities. I volunteer by leading group coaching at the Merton Libraries to support my local community. I also train mentors and coach young students from diverse background in transition to work for Generation Success, an award-winning social enterprise on a mission to create equal access and opportunities

MY Art

Coaching inspired me to follow my artistic talent only recently, after a lifetime of limiting believes formed back to school time. I am a self-taught artist as I make a point to retain a beginner’s mind so I can better self-express my emotions without following standards. It helps me to explore and communicate feelings in ways words cannot.

I also love photography to capture the beauty of travelling and the extraordinary richness of daily life.

I invite you to follow my art on Instagram.


The mastery of my coaching comes from the combination of the following contexts:

Business: 34 years as a leader in Finance, Technology
in global organizations across Europe and Asia. My approach is grounded in the deep knowledge of business and organizations
People: I managed hundreds of middle managers
over 20 years as a leader, with extensive coaching, mentoring and training experience across all levels in the organisation and cultures.
Certification: with the oldest coaching academy
My coaching is grounded with a coaching certification from the most prestigious global coaching academy based in California (2 years , 500 hours of study/practice)
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I am a certified CPCC™️ professional coach by Co-Active  who set the original standards for the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Click on my digital certification badge below to verify and learn more. 

I am qualified Mental Health in the Workplace Aider  and a  Men Health Champion . 

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