Living with resonance is not a destination but a state of being, a deep experience greater than us.

It’s all about the resonance.

My Mission

To get you on the road of you next life adventure, right now.


My Story

I was  born and bred in the Venice area, North-East of Italy, deeply rooted in the local tradition and still treasuring the local dialect as my primary language. The richness of the Italian culture and the heritage of the Venetian trade routes, naturally ignited my creativity and curiosity for the world. And it’s not by chance that I lived across Venice, London and Singapore, large international ports and  multi cultural melting pots. This where I thrive and I am at my best, navigating in the sea of opportunities and ready for a constant change of weather.  I love visual arts, particularly photography and drawings. And of course cooking, I a man with 3 barbecues.


After my Humanities studies, I embarked on a pioneering career in IT, learning on the job and becoming an IBM software engineer. 

The magnet of the Y2K projects took me to London, UK, and into the Finance industry.  The multi cultural environment, the exposure to world-class professionals and the availability of the latest training paths, offered me a personal growth beyond my wildest dreams. 

Few years later I relocated  to Singapore. I was in charge for large scale projects leading teams across all Asian regions. My job was to pull cultures differences together, channeling the collective power of diversity to meet the impossible project deadlines. The experience of empowering people shifted my career to Life Coaching, my passion and my vocation today, back in London.

MY Coaching

My Life Coaching is based on the humanistic psychology tradition, founded on the unconditional belief that you are naturally creative and resourceful, and you know deep down where you want to go. The quality of my service is in my questions with a constant engagement of all your senses with visual thinking and unconscious creativity to ignite your desire for change and believe in your own possibilities.  I will make you comfortable in your own skin, feeling real, spontaneous and alive using the power of intuition

MY Credentials

I am a certified CPCC™️ professional coach by Co-Active,  the industry most rigorous training academy (500 hours of training and practice) based on a holistic mind-body-spirit approach. 

I am a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) strictly following its principles of ethical conduct to deliver the highest possible standards to his clients.

I am qualified Mental Health in the Workplace Aider and I am Men Health Champion passionate to open up men in embracing all their emotions.

Find my full CV on Linkedin with testimonials from my colleagues and clients

Find my CV on Linkedin with testimonials from my colleagues and clients

MY values


I am reliable and I always strive to walk the talk


I trust my gut-feeling to stay true to myself and take opportunities as they arise.


I find courage to act and take risks for the sake of personal growth.


I love learning, to stay flexible  in life and always improve professionally

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