The power of feedback

Today I completed a 4-session series of Group Coaching, a volunteering activity I organize and lead for my local community at the Wimbledon Library. It was about 15 people showing up every Monday with the determination to change their lives right now. This is my most energetic coaching by far, facilitating a group of people from all walks of life forming strong bonds, and encouraging each other in their stretched objectives.

I copy below the feedback I received in this jar, physical paper feedback you open one by one and appreciate individually. It is such a moving experience that inspires me to coach my commercial clients with similar energy, fewer structures, and a deep, very deep heart!

I leave the feedback to say the full story:

  • Max created a safe space with elements of play to bring different people together and encourage them to open up to possibilities and different ways of thinking. The impact was that there is no need to overcomplicate things. Just show up and participate!
  • Such a profound impact since gave me clarity and a sense of direction going forward. Inspirational in providing tools to use.
  • I find it so inspiring to see how intentional you are with your life, coaching, and business. I am so grateful to be part of this community, and for having a space to share and listen, to support and be supported. Thank you for holding this container for us, my life feels very much more enriched having these sessions on Monday! Thank you
  • The life coaching session with Max has enabled me to be part of a group and given me a voice by being completely present. The sessions allow you yo work deeper with yourself and overcome challenges with the exercises which can be powerful and insightful so you can make improvements and self-develop. Thank you Max
  • I very much enjoyed the course. It helped me to define my goals and gain more confidence, expand beyond my comfort zone, having fun 🙂 and meeting inspiring people. Many thanks.
  • I have become much more positive in my approaches to taking action. I just wanted to say a big thanks to Max for the 4 lovely sessions on Monday mornings that seem to have a dramatic change to my life!
  • Dear Max, thank you for being my coach for the Life Coaching Sessions, I have learned to actively listen and share. It will help me to stay open and try harder in my life to recognize new opportunities
  • Thank you Max for your heartedness in offering this course. The relaxed warm atmosphere you created together with the creative activities and other participants enabled deep thoughts on personal lifestyle and goals
  • This course has helped me to deal with issues and will continue to help me with my goals this year, thank you Max
  • This is the second time I have attended 4 sessions with Max. Very helpful and very important! Thank you
  • Those 4 sessions were a motivation for my next chapter
  • I feel more relaxed and spend more time doing things that make me feel good without feeling guilty