🧘‍♀️Acupressure & Unlimited Coaching

I was offered the opportunity by Shakti’s founders to coach all their employees based in Europe across the  month of January, to support their professional and personal plans for the new year. The scope of work was holistic with company wide and personal private objectives, with the ambition of  marrying work-life balance and business productivity.  The offer for employess was for unlimited coaching, meaning taking as many coaching sessions as they needed during that month.

The experience was energetic, everyone participated with enthusiasm and focus by taking full advantage of the offer. Working with top professionals is all about outcome and finding solutions, rather than being time boxed. The unlimited model works well in providing  a fully flexible model and giving the opportunity to accelerate the individual’s journey.

I am happy to share the feedback received, as always feeling humbled and privileged to work with such motivated and compassionate professionals:

  • I’m very grateful for working with Max. Right from the first lesson I felt an immediate comfort and trust. I always left the coaching lessons feeling inspired and motivated. I really loved his warm energy and how he was able to switch to any topic that I wanted to dive in. Thank you very much!
  • I think the session was really productive and helped me understand key things I needed to have a better work/life balance in general. Speaking with you was really easy and felt like a friend that gives you great tips on how to get you started. I definitely recommend it.
  • I had the pleasure of being coached by Max in January 2023 and I highly recommend working with him. Max has a professional, caring and empathetic approach and knows how to put you at ease. This experience helped me understand myself better and provided me with clear angles to work on to unlock my full potential in both my professional and personal life.
  • For me it was a great opportunity to talk through my goals and get some feedback from someone outside of the organization. You asked the right questions and challenged me to overthinking my planning. Besides that I received a lot of positive affirmation from you, which felt quite motivating
  • Max’s energy is absolutely contagious and motivating. He can easily understand your personality and your needs and he is flexible enough to quickly adapt the coaching program to them. The feeling one immediately has when being coached by Max is that he really pays attention to you as an individual and is always focused on guiding you through the session, whether by debating ideas with you, giving you some advice or by creatively pushing you to open yourself to explore your inner needs. I can 100% recommend Max’s coaching program and Max as a coach. Thanks Max! 🙂 
  • Working with Max was very joyful. I really appreciated his enthusiasm, mirroring back to me my strengths, talents and qualities, supporting me in my confidence to walk my path and believe in myself and that my dreams can come true. He also supported me to get more clarity on challenges in the work place, that motivated me to become clearer about my boundaries and take action to speak up for them, which gave me very positive results.