When you think about time, you get lost: The case for Unlimited Coaching

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the concept of Durational Art, a.k.a Endurance Art or the Art about Waiting. Durational Art performances focus on the passage of long periods of time and using time as an active element in the work, how it affects, changes, and creates meaning. The following are web extracts to better describe it:

” A famous example of durational art performances was the artist locking himself in a wooden cage, furnished only with a wash basin, lights, and a single bed. During the year, he did not allow himself to talk, read, write, or listen to the radio and TV. Another performance was punching a time clock every hour for 12 months. A shorter, but not less extreme performance, was sitting silently for 12 days without food or entertainment on a stage entirely open to the audience.

These are not pieces motivated by a desire to suffer but rather are explorations of time and of struggle. The artist himself states his work is about ‘wasting time and freethinking’.

The artist Marina Abramovich says “When you think about time, you are lost”. The audience is asked to surrender themselves to attending to a process unfolding, by losing control — of time, of agency — or intentionally giving it up. That could apply to any of us who are waiting, in quarantine, or just in life”

A lot to take in. The concept inspired me to reconsider how I offer my time to my clients, usually with fixed hours or pay-as-you-go packages. I suddenly realized how limiting that offering is as it comes from a place of scarcity. What if I would offer instead an unlimited package where the client can access me without those time limitations? Surely it would be such a gift to give yourself time to pause, reflect and then get clarity on what’s really important exactly when you most need it.

In my mind, this also shows that, as I coach, I walk the talk for my clients, hey, I am all-in as your thinking partner and taking risks on my personal time. All that is for the sake of achieving your transformation. This approach energizes me, with my past professional experience loving big work projects, always tied in within impossible deadlines. If you put your focus and heart into it, things happen.

So I piloted the Unlimited Coaching package with a couple of clients of mine who were ready to accelerate their journey. It was an incredibly all-around fulfilling experience. To give you some sense of the dynamics, one client used 21 hours of coaching over 2 months, in session slots of 30,45,60, and 90 minutes, voice and text messages, offline exercises, in-person creative sessions, and with me providing post-session reports to crystalize the learnings and for stronger accountability on actions. The client made a number of major shifts in her/his own life and moved forward in a number of areas. The feedback was highly positive but there is one piece of that that I am particularly proud of :

 “Being coached by Max is always a surprise, it’s a journey into the unknown”

This is what coaching is all about, pausing, taking time, and feeding the soul by trusting your intuition. Your path will emerge, but not in the usual sense. It’s like finding the river under the river (let me be poetic).

Do you want to explore and flood your delta? The coach is present: all-in whatever it takes.

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