📸Luminous Massimo – The creativity of Phil’s photography

You know Phil. And if you don’t, here there is a little story on his branding photography

We met in central London under a grey sky that was all but inspiring for a photo-shoot. Phil starts with some casual warm-up conversations, that are not that casual, followed by a string of subtle invitations to push you  into the depth of the creative flow, the breathing techniques to shift energy, the humour to get out of your comfort zone, and the slow journey  across the site chasing the perfect light. And many other things that probably Phil threw at me that I am not even aware of! That’s Phil for you, you totally relax and feel safe in his capable hands.

At the end of the session, we sat down for some feedback. I then realized that I can go deeper, it’s an opportunity to get real. I take my glasses off, reconnect with 5-year old Max,  and say to Phil “This is Massimo”. Pronto, Phil get hold of his camera to capture the moment. I haven’t’ been taken a picture without glasses for more than 30 years.

Now it’s Phil’s turn, who kindly agrees to pose for me. What an honour to draw a couple of quick portraits to celebrate our creativity!

Few days later, when I saw this picture on a big screen, it triggered quite a flow of emotions, such an incredible portrait. The comments I received on social media, from people who know me well, are deeply touching. And I am very proud to show my clients my most inner side, I always try my best to role model vulnerability. 

Was it me to offer the photographer the chance for a great shot or was all about the photographer guiding me on that journey? You have to find out by yourself folks, enjoy the self-discovery adventure.

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