🌳Let’s Nature be our Teacher💦

Last week I organized and facilitated my first Outdoor Coaching session with a walk in the woods of Wimbledon Common. adventurous people showed up on the day with a totally open mind and fully willing to try something quite different.We invited nature not merely as a setting but as a partner in our thinking process with the following principles:.

  • Asking Nature for guidance
  • Start with gratitude to clear the field
  • Trust nature and remove doubts by a growing belief
  • Intro yourself to nature
  • Ask for permission to interact
  • Connect to the energy of all beings
  • Bring an offering
  • Chit Chat with all living things
  • Plants want to know about us
  • Listening to all sounds and activating all senses

The experience was deeply engaging and Nature was very generous by offering richness, depth, new perspectives, and a sense of magic. We simply established a greater dialogue between nature and us.

It was great to see all those deep conversations among the participants but it was an incredible experience witnessing the more subtle conversations with the trees when we all went in all directions to find one to hug.

At the end I facilitate a reflection on the experience with the following questions:

  • What happened?
  • What did nature offer?
  • What do you know now?

The group feedback was highly positive with words like “relax, peace, clarity of thinking, silence, walking together is an opportunity, perspective”

I will run more coaching outdoors for sure, we all need to get out more and think with nature! Check events at my Meetup https://www.meetup.com/state-of-resonance-life-coaching/

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