Simple Curiosity – I want to be fascinated by the world

Don’t you want sometimes to feel amazed by the world around you? Would like to go on smalll adventures every day? Simple curiosity is the answer, that child-like fascination for anything in front of your eyes. It’s surprisingly simple if you just give yourself permission of not knowing anything:

  • Be fascinated with our world, fascination leads to curiosity
  • Why we don’t stay curios? Because we are told we must know
  • Be Clueless. Do not investigate, ask questions and listen for the answers
  • It’s an adventure, we are permitted to say stupid and new stuff
  • Curiosity has no assumptions, it’s an open and free space
  • It’s not working hard at all
  • Be unattached to my your own curiosity, you don’t have to be clever
  • Curiosity is born in innocence
  • Curiosity is best when triggered by an simple intention or a high purpose

I use child-like curiosity in my coaching as a technique to approach your life and challenges with a sense of wonder, openness. It  can be used in a variety of ways:

Exploring new possibilities: Child-like curiosity can help clients explore new possibilities and consider different ways of approaching a problem or situation. By asking open-ended questions and approaching the situation with a sense of wonder, you may be able to see things from a fresh perspective and come up with new ideas.

Fostering a sense of playfulness to approach your life and challenges with a sense of playfulness and joy. This can make the process of personal growth and self-discovery far more enjoyable.

Cultivating a growth mindset to develop a growth mindset, where they are open to learning and willing to take risks. By approaching challenges with a sense of curiosity and wonder, you will be more likely to embrace new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Overcoming fear and self-doubt: Child-like curiosity can also help clients overcome fear and self-doubt. By approaching their lives with a sense of wonder and openness, clients may be less likely to be held back by negative self-talk or limiting beliefs.

A simple exercise is to pick a random object and list a 100 question about it. My water bottle on the table is ready for me right now to try this out: What’s made of? Where was made? What’s unique about the design….

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