📖Your Year as a Book – Draw the story of your future

March 1st today, I looked back at my book of 2023 with February chapter of “The Deep End” and now moving into March “Light and Fast”

I did this drawing exercise earlier in January while leading a group coaching session. The objective was to experience an alternative and creative way to set personal goals for the new year in the form of a book. The instructions are very simple:

Step 1: Draw an open book and list the chapters for your year on the right hand side

Step 2: Write the title of the book after completing all chapters

So for it worked really well for me, in January I started 3 new artistic courses and I took on board a new small business coaching all employees with an unlimited package. February was about sustaining all the activities started in January and bring the on-going learning into my coaching practice and focus only on creativity. Now in March I want to move on my business and personal life much faster saying no to whatever feel heavy and it drags me down.

Metaphors and themes are so powerful and can inspire us and guide us through the journey. What’s your book of the journey ahead looks like for you?

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