📷Professional Identity – A Visual Approach

Travel and Landscape photography is one of my favourite hobbies for more than  25 years. Today I bring this skill into my coaching practice to inspire my clients to build a new level of confidence in their professional identity. Through images of their work and portraits, a 3-way relationship is formed: the coach, the client and the images. The images become the holder of the experience.

This piece of work was for a solo entrepreneur setting up a new business. An intense 1.5-hour session with clear goal setting at the beginning and then getting to work quickly and with passion. Of course, the light could be better, some of the focusing could be sharper but beating perfectionism is key. Getting things done with a heart-to-heart connection is not just enough, it’s everything to move forward light and fast. This is the testimonial from the client:

“Max suggested we did a photo shoot to present my Optics Business, he arranged the time , date and place for the photo shoot he is always reliable , efficient and so enthusiastic. The Photo shoot was amazing he has such a good camera and had so many great ideas on ways I could never imagine onto how I could present my Optical equipment for my business Dispensing Eye to Eye. The optics lens on the camera was amazing it was great fun he took 530 pictures and then selected the best ones all in the same day. Incredible service and also care from him and his heart which is hard to find nowadays. Thanks to Max I now have so many amazing incredible  pictures that I can use for my business on Google , Facebook , Instagram , posters , Next door and when I am creating my website”

Now let’s leave some of the images to speak for themselves.