🎨Draw on your emotions

This is a drawing from a coaching session, the client was feeling stuck and unable to identify his feelings. I invited him to pick his favourite pastel colours, and just to simply start drawing that emotion, by activating a childlike curiosity. Halfway through he stopped, blocked by the internal judge’s voice “Well, this is hopeless, isn’t it?”. With a little empathy nudge, he picked another colour, and the flow restarted again. In the end, he signed the paper and named it “Letting Go” .

Emotions, and how to creatively respond to what they are telling you, can be a complex issue. Drawing on your emotions provides a nonverbal opportunity to identify and organize your feelings. The visual images provide an engaging platform for an explorative process, enabling you to think, feel and act in more fulfilling and powerful ways.

When seen in the drawings, feelings and problems cease to hold so much power. My clients experience a sense of renewed energy, which in turn can increase self-confidence with a feeling of “I’ve got it now, I can, at last, say what I feel and have it understood.” The more in the image, the more space in your mind.