Testimonials From My Colleagues

I always prioritized relationships in my career and I am still in touch with many of my colleagues tracing back to my very first job in 1987. They are friends as we worked hard with deep trust and respect, I treasure keeping all those connection across the continents alive and fresh. I am feeling humbled and full of gratitude in sharing some of the testimonials here, but it’s one of those ultimate truth: others see in us what we are unable to see in ourselves. I think it’s important to share it with my clients as they can have a glimpse of my core personality.

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“I had an excellent experience working with Max and has been one of the best Managers I had ever worked with! He has great people skills especially to ability to listen, relate & understand the problem from other person point of view on a both personal and professional level. I feel lot of comfort and positivity when I talk to him. He is my go-to personal whenever I face any challenges/ issues, and rest assured, I will have clear next steps on how to proceed.”

“I had the pleasure of interacting with Max couple years ago when he was leading the Lending group in Standard Chartered. Max’s thoughtfulness, willingness to listen, openness and wisdom are admirable. I still remember a 1-1 conversation with Max where he asked we use a magic wand to solve a complex problem and he literally implemented the proposed solution removing all hurdles that came in the way. Max is an amazing leader and a good human being. Wishing you all the best for the coaching venture.”

“After some 20 years in Change Management I have naturally come across both spectrums of coaching and supporting colleagues through their careers, and from having worked directly alongside Max in the last three years, I can honestly say he sits in the upper quartile.”