The TORTURED GENIUS is a myth: Mental Health and Creativity

⭐The TORTURED GENIUS is a myth ⭐ Neuroscientists say, the idea that “great art comes from great pain” is not necessarily true …this was one of the many topics tabled at “Neuroscience and Creativity” by Seed Talks last night in East London (check here for future events )
So, there are plenty of geniuses who are not mentally ill, and there are plenty of mentally ill people who aren’t geniuses. Apparently, the modern idea of the tortured genius likely stems from a glamorization of mental illness that took hold during the Romantic Era, the so-called “madness” was seen as voyaging into new planes of reality.
For me this point inspired me to explore more the link between #creativity and #mentalhealth with the ongoing debate on how they influence each other: can creativity improve your health and/or mental health issues trigger more creativity? Drawing helped me immensely this year to transform much of my emotional turmoil into joy. I am so grateful to have found this hobby that now is turning into creating new ways to communicate in my business, like helping clients draw on their emotions. So for me, it’s a circular relationship.
What’s your experience with Mental Health and Creativity?
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