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⭐Creative Coaching is a Life Coaching style that works on your whole person⭐: Cognitive Rhythm, Emotional Balance, Spiritual Connection, Body Awareness. Without the integration of all parts, there is no true transformation, no meaningful change.

Cognitive Rhytm “The cult of focus”
We are led to believe that mental focus is the capability above all capabilities , the core competency to strive for. In truth, focus, in isolation ,will actually work against and disempower you. Hyper-focus can drain your brain of the resources needed to balance your own tiredness.
I teach my clients on how to un-focus and think less. Your focused brain is like a stiff sponge , while the unfocussed brain is looser and more absorbent. When un-focussing , the brain is actually more dynamic and active than ever.
A key coaching exercise is tinkering with possibility and a number of ideas for the future. It’s like “thought sketching” until you get the picture right. Developing the skill of curiosity is key to activate your cognitive rhythm. It takes you out of focused “goal-targeting” into unfocused “goal discovery”. When you are in a state of curiosity, blood flows to the brain regions that process arousal and conflict. The possibility mindset will empower your wandering mind, but tinkering with the ideas and feelings it stirs up is the most productive way to consider your options.

Emotional Balance “Free up emotional energy”
The price of a poorly managed emotional life is very evident when considering the extent of common human anxiety in the world. When people have no safe other person with whom to explore, feel and think about the key emotional experiences that have shaped their lives, the emotional baggage can severely disrupt their quality of life and lead to physical and mental unwellness.
I help my clients to understand, use, and manage their own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.
My hands-on drawing exercises help people to think, feel and act in more creative and fulfilling ways. By learning those tools, you will not just free up your motional energy for far more creative uses of your time but you will be also able to share with and help other people.

Body Awarness ” “The body knows first, the mind catches up”
Do you believe in your gut feeling? Also called Intuition, it is often experienced as a body sensation that indicates something is happening or is about to happen. For instance, the heart plays a central role in the emotional processes that underlie intuition. Scientific research evidence suggests that the heart may receive and respond to intuitive information before the brain (McCraty, Atkinson, & Bradley, 2004).
Body awareness is necessary for intuitive intelligence, and it is marked by the synchronization of physiological and psychological processes (Tomasino, 2011).
Much effort in my Embodiment and Intuitive Coaching goes into re-connecting clients with their bodies and exploring feelings and sensations, often in metaphorical terms, to raise self-awarness to a new level.

Spiritual Connection “Focusing on what really matters”
My simple definition of Spirituality is a feeling there is something bigger out there.
I am not a spiritual guide by any means. I invite and encourage my clients, if they wish, to use their own spirituality, in life and work. My approach to spirituality is summarized in the following principles:

What’s so important about cultivating spirituality?
· Integrity: be one and real, authentic to your true self
· Remove resistance to life, saying no to negativity
· Present: Every moment is the best moment, reduce the need of living in the past or future
· Choose love, say no to fear. Embrace self-forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love

How do you practice spirituality?
· Using own innate internal wisdom. the body is the unconscious mind
· Being present, surrender to the moment: tired of living in imaginary world of the past and the future
· Acceptance, of what is. Offer no resistance to life
· Be kind and forgive yourself

Why should I try spiritual coaching?
· Do you feel the tiny spark of light within you, like a dimly remembered connection to your Source?
· Do you think that love is beyond all conceptual understanding?
· Do you want to taking responsibility for the most important relationship of all, the one with you true self?

👉Explore this article to discover the science behind the co-active methodology:
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