You will find below the script and the audio for the guided visualisation on the Inner Leader, also known as the Captain. There are many versions of this classic coaching visualisation and you might want to experiment and expand it to accomodate your immagination. The general reccomendation is to do it when you are relaxed and opened minded to let your mind free and find your inner most powerful resources.


Your internal leader is your Inner Authority, a visionary who is in command and leads all parts of your self towards the fullest expression of your Life Purpose.

There are no rules about your Captain being masculine or feminine, human or animal, with a physical form or not. The key attributes of your Captain are: Wisdom, Compassion, Courage, Clarity and Certainty.

The Captain has access to all the wisdom that ever was, has been there and back, and knows that ultimately everything turns out just fine. Your captain loves you completely and unconditionally and no matter what happens, holds you tenderly with gentleness, infinite compassion, and heart. Your Captain believes in you completely and without question, is grounded and can see quickly what is needed and how best to move forward. Your Captain is fearless and relentless in pursuit of the very best for you. Your Captain’s will is unshakable, dedicated and unwavering.

As you imagine this place, look around. What do you notice? Whatever you see, imagine or sense is exactly as it should be. Notice what is around you.

You hear the sound of someone approaching……..there is a sense of excitement in the air. You are about to meet someone special…………and now… they come into view…….Your Captain walks toward you, eager to meet you as well.

As your Captain approaches, notice…

What does your Captain look like?

 What stands out about your Captain?

What’s it like being with your Captain?

Greet one another.

Sit down and get comfortable or you might go on a walk together for a conversation

Ask the following questions and listen carefully for the answers:

And now, we’ll be drawing this meeting to a close. This is a time to thank each other… knowing you can be with your Captain any time you choose. Your Captain is here for you to support you in your journey of living your life purpose.

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