20200513 Saboteur Part 1
⭐“It is hard to know why we work harder than we have to just to feel okay about ourselves"⭐
Saboteur, Impostor Syndrome, Inner Critic, Gremlins ... there are many names to name our Limiting Beliefs. They stand in our way to Be the Professionals We Are Meant To Be. We all experience the Saboteur in our career, no exception. Does any of these represent you right now?
-Never good enough? -Slow decisions ? -Workaholic ? -Micromanaging? -Always worrying? -Shying away from job opportunities -Training is never enough -No need for help. I can handle it! -Low Confidence after a setback -Not trying new things -Hard to speak up
The simplest and most effective way is to raise our self-awareness by:
1. Simply acknowledging the Saboteur, he doesn't like to be under the spotlights 2. Talking about it with someone 3. Personifying the Saboteur, give it a name, a job to do or a place to go
This will take pressure off yourself. More resources at #Saboteur I am very curious to hear your thoughts, share you stories with a comment 🤝

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